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FREE Seminar — Building a Performance Driven Culture

November 18, 2016 • 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

500 District Ave., Burlington, MA

An accomplished human resources practitioner, Dan Gauthier of HR Knowledge, Inc. will show you how to attract, retain and engage employees who can positively impact your company’s performance. He will share practical suggestions you can apply to your business immediately.

This is another world class seminar from CEO Roundtable. To RSVP, please email LGCarlson@CEO-Roundtable.com or call (978) 685-8743. For information about membership in CEO Roundtable, visit www.ceo-roundtable.com.

Contact Dan at (508) 339-1300 or email Dan.Gauthier@HRKnowledge.com.

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Building a Performance Driven Culture

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