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CEO Roundtable Seminars

“Developing and Managing a Board”

March 3, 2017 • 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

5 New England Executive Park, Burlington, MA

This workshop by Dr. Elaine Eisenman will focus on the critical components of creating a successful board. It will include:

  • Perspectives on deciding whether to create a board of directors or an advisory board.
  • Setting goals for the board.
  • Creating a viable and relevant structure.
  • Recruiting the right members.
  • Managing both the board sessions and board members to maximize value.

Too often, small companies believe that Boards of Directors are only necessary for large corporations as determined by SEC regulations. Yet, the value of a Board of independent directors or advisors is essential for the success of any company-large or small. The difference between Public Boards and private company Boards is often based on the degree of fiduciary responsibility for the Board members, and the subsequent roles that they play. Private company CEOs consistently report that having a board – whether it is a fiduciary board or an advisory board – provides them with significant advice and support in decision-making, innovation, profitability and human capital challenges.

This seminar is being sponsored by CEO Roundtable. These FREE seminars are generally reserved for members, but we have a limited number of seats available for non-members.

Dr. Elaine Eisenman

Dr. Elaine Eisenman is a seasoned executive and consultant to high growth companies. For 11 years, Dr. Eisenman served Babson College as the Dean of Executive and Enterprise Education and a Professor of Entrepreneurial Practice. Currently, she serves on multiple boards, including the Women Corporate Directors Foundation, of which she is Co-Chair, DSW Inc., Qwalify, and Miravan LLC. She is also Managing Director of Saeje Advisors. Dr. Eisenman is a recognized expert in entrepreneurship, leadership, and governance, with emphasis on CEO transition and succession, the alignment of strategy, culture, and compensation during periods of growth, mergers, and transformation.

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