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“Get BIG Things Done” with Saj-nicole Joni

May 23, 2016 • 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

5 New England Executive Park, Burlington, MA

Synopsis by Loren Carlson, CEO

It is always hard to say when we are entering a new basic paradigm, a new story for us to use to understand the universe and our role in it, but there is now a sense that this may be such a time. These changes in epochs are frequently marked by changes in our understanding of science, new discoveries and development of new technologies that open fresh ways of thinking — and, make quantum leaps forward.

Saj-nicole Joni, Ph.D., suggests that new understanding of instant global interconnections and the resulting expansion of managed complexity gives everyone the possibility to participate in the discovery of new unique answers for the ‘unsolvable’ problems we spend so much time bemoaning.

In her new book, Get BIG Things Done: The Power of CONNECTIONAL Intelligence, she and co-author Erica Dhawan identify the major trending congruence of new thinking and new technologies that makes it possible for a man to grow a 2000 pound pumpkin just for fun.

“Connectional Intelligence is the ability to combine knowledge, ambition and human capital, forging connections on a global scale that create unprecedented value and meaning.”

“Connectional Intelligence is changing everything — from business and sports to academics, health and politics — by quickly, efficiently and creatively helping people enlist supporters, drive innovation, develop strategies and implement solutions to solve big problems.”

The book is filled with examples of this happening in all sectors of our society. The formula is simple:

• Take a Dream
• Add Connection
• Dream Bigger
• Get Big Things Done

The second half of her book focuses on HOW you can Get Big Things Done. First, you need a deep understanding that Connectional Intelligence is much bigger and more powerful than networking. We now have the power and influence to achieve more than we imagined in conjunction with others. She outlines the qualities, capabilities and different roles that are required to make it happen. I urge you to read this section before embarking on the next major vision and organizational change in your company.

My takeaway from this seminar is that individuals and small organizations now, for the first time in human history, have easy and fast access to the accumulated knowledge of the ages and are able to synthesize, analyze and discover new ways to grow giant pumpkins and solve climate change.

To book Saj-nicole for a speaking engagement, or for more information about her company, Cambridge International Group, or her books, please visit her website at www.sajnicole.com.


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