When Everyone Wants to Be The Leader

Everyone is trying to act like a leader in the your group.  You may be one of them.  Nothing is getting done and everyone is frustrated.  First, don’t despair. This is the way most teams begin. We are not trained to work in teams by experience and we are not...

Selling Skills and Business Leadership

Can you remember a time in your life when you felt the great satisfaction of being able to help someone solve a problem?  I mean really change their circumstance?  Wasn’t that just the best feeling in the world? What if I could tell you how to do more of that?  Would...

Pricing for Profit

In order to survive, companies need to create and retain customers while dealing with competition in the marketplace. Advertising, customer service, product strategy are all important elements, but perhaps the most critical factor in a company’s ability to succeed is its pricing strategy. How do we determine the right price for our product or service? Businesses that do this poorly are quickly drained of resources or get left behind by better-prepared competition.

Are you a hero?

You have encountered and practiced, a range of leadership styles in your life and career. In our work transitioning founder-run businesses into professionally managed enterprises, we have found that most leaders can be grouped into two distinct categories that we call “heroic” and “post-heroic”.  Which are you?

A Short Stack at Denny’s

I couldn’t sleep again.  Inspiration seems to favor 3am and I have a swarm of profound thoughts buzzing around in my head. I’d better get them written down before I wake up with that vague knowledge that a really deep truth struck me last night.

Organize or Die (not just a labor union chant)

Becoming more organized is the key to success for a CEO, or anyone else in the job of managing. First, understanding that management is a job is important. Many managers see their management role as a bother on the way to getting their work done. It is the work.