2019 Annual Retreat Recap

“Becoming the Inspirational Leader”



CEO Roundtable Retreat:  Thursday Jan 24, 2019 at 10 am to Friday Jan 25, 2019 at Noon

Amy Goldfarb combines clinical psychology with her improv background to help executives become more aware and more effective. She helps build personal power through an understanding of emotional intelligence.  By employing techniques from the acting world, she enhances the ability to build the honest high-trust relationships necessary for teams to get far better results.
Amy helps leaders become more “people-smart”; leading to greater flexibility in leadership style, making them better managers for all types of people.  Her program is fun, active and engaging and the results are immediate, tangible and last a lifetime.

From Amy:
Scott and I met 20 years ago on a ropes course, and have looked for opportunities to work together ever since. We are designing a dynamic, active, and compelling workshop focusing on the following aspects of leadership:
· Creating psychological safety in your interactions
· Using the power of your personal presence to inspire
· Understanding why working teams fail
· Practicing the skills of effective teamwork using Lencioni’s model
· Reflecting on the values that shape your leadership
· Expressing your leadership values in a compelling and inspiring way
· Becoming keener process observers (Tuning into the meta-channel)

Chatham Bars Inn: One of New England’s premier summer resorts is even more special in the winter.  Warm fires, panoramic views and feather duvets make this a great place for productive days and relaxed evenings.

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CEO Roundtable is made up of private, peer advisory groups of 8 to 12 members from non-competing companies. These peer groups provide a forum for invigorating exchanges of information, ideas, and insights.



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