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Membership in CEO Roundtable offers three levels of engagement with peers – all within an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, candor and confidentiality. Members who are willing to participate openly will find fellow members to be very supportive and generous in their willingness to share experiences, advice, and resources. Our members often find they grow personally, become stronger leaders, and see their businesses grow.

Monthly Online Virtual CEO Peer Groups

The cornerstone of CEO Roundtable membership is the peer group, made up of 8 to 12 CEOs from businesses that are comparable to each other but not in competition. Each monthly meeting is divided into two parts:

  • Spotlight Executive (90 to 120 minutes)
    Each month, a designated member presents a current business issue, challenge or opportunity for intensive discussion and focused CEO-to-CEO sharing and advising.
  • Virtual Peer Roundtable (120 to 150 minutes)
    During this segment, every group member has an opportunity to present a concern to the full Roundtable for immediate comment and feedback.


Tailored Virtual Seminars

CEO Roundtable hosts one-hour to half-day seminars that explore business topics of interest to our members. Led by experts or by selected members, they provide an opportunity for executives to meet and share ideas with members from different industries, forge new relationships and gain useful, actionable insight.


Annual CEO Retreat

The CEO Annual Retreat is designed to help executives discover ways to balance life as a CEO and human being. Grounded in the arts, humanities and sciences, these enriching all-member events offer dynamic experiences that elevate mind, body and soul.


If you are a life-long learner looking to gain a higher level of self-awareness, critical insights into the issues facing today’s executives, and you’re ready to meet a group of peers who understand your challenges, then CEO Roundtable is for you. Schedule your introductory session now.

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CEO Roundtable is made up of private, peer advisory groups of 8 to 12 members from non-competing companies. These peer groups provide a forum for invigorating exchanges of information, ideas, and insights.



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