Bob made more than my day when he enthusiastically ended our phone conversation with, “I can’t believe that more CEOs don’t have something like the CEO Roundtable!  Why can’t you tell them?”

Every marketing professional will tell you that the best possible advertisement for your product or service is an enthusiastic client providing a solid endorsement. That is why my call with Bob and his feedback on his experience with CEO Roundtable provided me with a great sense of satisfaction. 

I found myself wishing I could bottle his enthusiasm for the CEO Peer experience.  I feel the same strong sense of excitement for our program. That is especially the case since Bob is not alone in providing solid feedback. However, I’m not an expressive guy. I have found myself more than once apologizing for a seeming lack of such enthusiasm, explaining, “This is me when I’m excited”.

It is most satisfying that we are able to point to multiple members who, much like Bob, tell us just one single conversation in one of their Roundtable sessions has led to a benefit that more than pays for any investment in fees and time over the tenure of their membership. That is the type of ROI that CEOs seek out!  

It is also why we are so committed to expanding our work with CEOs like Bob. 

We see feedback from the Bobs in our group as our most effective form of letting new members and potential members share in our vision and our excitement.

So, to answer Bob’s question, allow me to share a bit more of how he views our program. In our call, he stated, “I think you’re underselling it.  People discount what they hear because most things we get sold fall short of their claims, the Roundtable doesn’t!” He said, “So you have to tell them that they will get an incredible ROI in time, money, and peace of mind.  Not just very much, but very, very, very much! That’s three verys!!!”

There you have it in Bob’s words. We are a group of CEOs sharing with other CEOs. You can get theory and how-tos from a wide variety of sources, but our small, select group of fellow founders, owners, and professional managers share a common mindset, common experiences, and common challenges.

Our forte is working together to identify unique solutions and personalized insights. Our commitment at CEO Roundtable is to under-promise and over-deliver. Let’s chat and see how that hour you don’t have time for can turn into the smartest investment you will make this year!