Martyn Lewis - Author of How Customers Buy and Why They Don't“The speaker and subject matter were so timely in our process of Sales and Marketing planning.  We scrapped everything we were going to do … and started fresh after the meeting. What an impact!” JM

“Martyn hit the nail on the head, not only clearly describing the common misalignment of sales and buying activities, but also suggesting concrete actions we each can take to create customers” HR

I found the session outstanding.  It really jolted me and made me reset my old-fashioned “Sales Process” brain/training to now, the 21st century. HM

The comments above pertain to our most recent “All-Hands Meeting” on September 28, 2018 when we hosted Martyn Lewis along with 35 CEOs and their invitees in Burlington MA.

Martyn ran an interactive, energetic and engaging workshop based on his new book “How Customers Buy and Why they Don’t”.  The book has received rave reviews in its first month of publication and I believe it to be a seminal work in the evolution of commercial success in the early part of the 21st century.  

Martyn’s workshop engaged the audience with multiple real-life stories and case studies to illustrate his fresh thinking on the sales process.  A participants’ workbook allowed each of us to customize the material to our own business and to develop specific, pragmatic actions to improve our customer creation process.

Martyn’s long career leading sales teams and helping Fortune 500 companies do so, led him and his team to a number of critical realizations about the nature of selling in the post-internet era.  In the 3 hour workshop, he took us through some of the concepts described in his book, including:

  • 3rdGeneration of Customer Buying
  • The dramatic changes in how customers buy
  • Decoding your market’s Customer Buying Journey DNA
  • The critical importance of managing the end-to-end buying journey
  • “Outside-In Revenue Generation”
  • Developing your own Outside-In Revenue Generation approaches

If you missed the session, you can still read the book:

*(no relation)