In a two-day session in late January, improv actress and psychologist Amy Goldfarb posed the question “What does improv have to teach us about leadership?” This short video provides a recap of the retreat.



We began to explore the answer by first experiencing the profound impact we can have on one-another. The look on our face, the slump in our back and our crossed arms often have far more impact than the content we are delivering.


Amy led us through exercises that had us laughing, crying and shaking our heads at how much more effectively we can use our personal presence to communicate thoughts and ideas to others.

Together, we compiled a list entitled “Characteristics of a Good Actor”. Amy crossed out the title and replaced it with “Characteristics of a Good Leader” and challenged us to find fault with the list. We could not.

Amy delivered on her promise to make us more “people-smart”; leaders with greater flexibility in leadership style, making us better managers for all types of people. Her program was fun, active and engaging and the results were immediate, tangible and they will last a lifetime.

“Isn’t acting fake?” someone asked. True, an actor might represent someone else in their role, but the techniques they use to be convincing in that role, are the same we would use to be our authentic selves. By stripping away the “role” that we often try to play as leaders (often poorly) only makes us more real, more representative and more inspiring.

For some, this was their first Roundtable Retreat.  For others, it was the 19th.  No matter … within minutes, CEOs of all kinds came together in a common experience that was moving and transformational.



The Chatham Bars Inn lived up to its reputation as one of New England’s premier summer resorts.  It is even more special in the winter. Warm fires, panoramic views and feather duvets make this a great place for productive days and relaxed evenings.


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