At a recent CEO Roundtable meeting, Bruce told us about his recent practice of clearing a day… Wednesday was his choice… to book off work each week.  He says that he might do some work on the mission and vision of the business, or he might just go to the library and read a book.  He advocated the practice and claimed a great improvement in his overall productivity, attitude and happiness.  He reported his employees were happier too, to know that they would have time to execute on their own agenda.

Sarah then reinforced the notion and reported that she had chosen Thursday’s for her day off…. then added that she planned to start next week.  This drew a few chuckles from the group; everyone knowing that next week never comes.

As Gordon followed with an update on his company, he was asked, “What day of the week will you plan to take off?”  His answer brought the house down. 

“Saturday or Sunday would be nice.”