Well written, readable and relevant to any senior manager who has struggled with the feeling of isolation at the top of an organization, The Power of Peers offers a great insight into the world of Executive Peer groups. From their long experience with Vistage, these two authors know what they are talking about and can tell some compelling and sometimes touching stories of success based on the value that members have derived from their peer group experiences. Far from being a Vistage marketing brochure, the book discusses some of the many peer group options available, including CEO groups, Key Executive groups and industry specific groups. My own involvement with the CEO Roundtable (www.ceo-roundtable.com) in greater Boston has been so satisfying that I’m helping Roundtable founder Loren Carlson put together a new group under that brand which I will lead. To that end, I began to read the book out of a sense of obligation, but I finished it out of pure joy and affirmation of my belief in the Power of Peers.

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