I couldn’t sleep again.  Inspiration seems to favor 3am and I have a swarm of profound thoughts buzzing around in my head. I’d better get them written down before I wake up with that vague knowledge that a really deep truth struck me last night.

Last week, I rolled over and trusted Siri with some of the most fascinating topics ever. Can you make sense of “The Countrymen Knee Deep” or “Add the Tissue to Carts”? I can’t either.

So, I found some socks and sweats on the floor and opened my laptop. 

Oh, some email! Wow, there’s a great looking recipe from Pinterest.  Low carb pancakes and syrup… look at that dripping syrup.

Hmm, I hate these Pinterest articles, they never get to the point, too many pictures of pancakes, scroll, scroll. Ah, there’s the recipe. Let’s see; a cup of almond flour and there’s a handy “we use this” hyperlink to Amazon. I’ll just get that on order. Hey, there’s the battery I’ve been meaning to get for the drill, and it’s on sale!

Battery, pancake batter and sugarless syrup on their way, I go back to the recipe. Wait a minute, I don’t need it now; I just spent $16 on low carb pancake batter. I’ll print it in case I need it later. Paper jam. 

Sound familiar? Any creative impulses I had are long gone. In fact, as I write this, the sun is coming up, I have 9 unread emails… no… now 13, burning a hole in my attention and all I want is a short stack at Denny’s. 

Wait a minute, I just got a text…

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